Powerful Marketplace and E-commerce Solutions

About Us

In the swiftly changing world of the digital age, shopping experiences and trading norms are revolutionizing. Here at TrairSoft, we are here to shape the future of online commerce. After two years of a passionate and innovative journey, we are here to offer a better future to our customers and business partners.


Headless Commerce

TrAir is a cloud-based headless commerce platform that offers versatile capabilities to its users. This platform provides robust and flexible solutions tailored to business needs, such as omnichannel sales, marketplace creation, or B2B trading. It also offers a toolkit that assists businesses in enhancing customer experiences, increasing revenues, and eliminating the need for platform changes.

High-Performance Infrastructure

With its API-centric and microservices-based infrastructure, TrAir Commerce Cloud makes it significantly easier to design, deploy, and integrate your commercial applications, adapting perfectly to your specific requirements. TrAir Commerce Cloud is fast, can scale automatically, and is secure. Moreover, it holds a PCI DSS compliant certification for maintaining a secure environment for companies handling, storing, or transmitting credit card information. Embrace only the best. At TrairSoft, we ensure your business is always ahead of the latest digital trends and ready to do business successfully, enabling you to achieve your goals.


Our Offices

Our offices provide a strategic advantage for companies looking to expand in the global market. Estonia's leadership in digital innovation, coupled with the geographical locations of Istanbul on both the Asian and European sides and Balıkesir, offers a unique opportunity to support our customers in their international growth.